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    WeTalks are events designed for entrepreneurs that focus on Personal Growth, Business Success & Suicide. We are raising awareness to suicide amongst the entrepreneur community and the impact it can have. We are creating conversations about the things that matter most. There is a link between high performance and fear of failure, which many entrepreneurs face daily and this links to suicidal behavior.


    What we are taught in the current education system are not the fundamental skills needed to navigate life and business. We are committed to developing strong, confident leaders of all ages to thrive in life and business, to understand how to manage and cope with stressful situations and to provide tools and resources that are action-oriented. When you think of traditional mathematics, at Ignite Me Now, we focus on Sacred Geometry, which is the foundation of all life. When you think of Social Studies & Geography, think of travelling to different areas and regions of the world to receive hands on learning. When you think of Language Arts or English, we teach about critical communication skills, relationship skills & so much more. We are the unconventional way of education for generations to come.


    Entrepreneurs think, act and behave differently and this is why we work with entrepreneurs and their kids. Entrepreneurs are the ones who will change our world for the better. Our mission is to ignite the fire that exists within so that you can thrive at life and business. We offer everything you need to know to: Start a Business, Catapult Your Sales & Marketing Efforts, Begin Making $$ Now, Increase Your Visibility, Brand & Exposure, Tap into Your Financial IQ, Experience Fulfillment, Catapult Your Results and most of all Ignite Your Super Powers so you can become your own Superhero.

    Melissa Mackey

    Melissa Mackey is an award winning Motivational Speaker & Mamapreneur who loves to light the room with her infectious energy and intense connection. She inspires & ignites others to take action in their life and is committed to helping others discover their super powers that already exist within themselves. She educates and empowers students, entrepreneurs and business leaders to tap into their real Self with Confidence, Courage and Clarity.

    For years, Melissa had been seeking other’s approval & acceptance and believed external things or stuff would bring her happiness. Until a light bulb went off and she realized happiness is an inside job. When she began to believe in herself, there was hope. She now teaches others all across the globe, to be the hero in their own life.

    Despite whatever setbacks you may be challenged by within these events are clues to your super powers! Melissa’s optimism and hope for the future is what she creates for everyone that crosses her path. She has her CEO in tow, Patience Grace and has a goal to show her daughter 22 countries by the time she is 2. If there is any one in the world who takes a stand for possibility, it’s Melissa. She’s overcome many challenges, highs and lows and still managed to come out alive, which is why she’s determined to inspire others to follow their dreams. She’s an author, a former radio host, and been featured in Huffington Post, Financial Post, Breakfast Television, Canadian Pickers, Alberta Primetime and more. When Melissa is not working, you can find her relaxing on a beach somewhere tropical, playing with her baby Patience and her pup Jaya.

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