Do Whatcha Want With My Body

bodyThis is the new Lady Gaga song and I thought it was catchy. I am not sure I agree with the song’s message and really wanted to hear your feedback. I think it is very fitting for the society in which we live. For Women in Leadership we just had a speaker in last week that really talked about standards and core values in our professional and personal lives. Let me ask you this, at your current job do you remind yourself about what is important to you; your core values? I find a lot of the time we push away our core values to impress others, or get the buy in from others or simply to just not say anything at all. Why do we think we should make ourselves become small in order for others to prosper?
How does this relate to the song? Well I think this song is portraying the message that the girl is saying do whatever you want with my body…….anything! What does this mean? It’s saying “i’ll lower my standards so you can have your way with me. Look, when it comes to your personal or professional life it is all about integrity. Integrity is coming from that place of love, respect and courage. It is having standards and sticking to those standards. This song I feel is lowering her standards and essentially saying she feels she doesn’t deserve to have her standards met. When it comes to work life, many men or women see things in their organization that they don’t agree with and choose to remain silent. But guess what, speaking up is the price of authenticity. You really owe it to yourself to defend your own values and beliefs. In the short term, if you speak up about what you believe it may have immediate consequences but I can tell you in the long run if you betray your ethics and beliefs there is no way to view them as a win.
Sex sells. I get that. But how is this song inspiring women to stand up for themselves? This is the mixed messages that are being sent to women all over the world. As if it hasn’t been hard enough for women to climb the corporate ladder already. Now we ware hearing if we lower our standards we can be free. Ummm excuse me this is not true. When it comes to relationships, if we start lowering our standards we aren’t even living our own life. There are no boundaries and we end up dating men (or women) that turn out to abuse us……why? Well this is because we have said I’m not worth it! Do whatcha want with my body. It’s your’s. Not mine. I clearly don’t tale ownership for my own body. NO WAY hosay! It’s time we pay attention to our life, our values and core beliefs. This is what makes you you. This is what defines you and how you live your life. The minute you start dropping your standards, not listening or speaking up about what you believe in the workplace, people will take advantage of you! Time to take a stand for yourself men and women. Go for it. Have high standards, speak up and be true to yourself. It is such a more rewarding and fulfilling life. I encourage you to give it a shot! You deserve it! much love xoxo.

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