Ignite Me Now is a heart based community uniting men and women from around the globe. Ignite Me Now was originally created by Melissa Mackey for people who desire more motivation and inspiration in their lives. Melissa is a catalyst for change and many times is the bridge between success and failure for hundreds of people worldwide. She believes everyone has the power to reprogram their minds and live out the life they dream of. It takes one thing—ACTION! She helps humanity access their own inner super heroes.

Ignite Me Now is designed to bring people together in community through live events, coaching (online & offline) and private groups on Facebook. If you are ready to begin living the life you desire and activate your inner superhero, Ignite Me Now has got you covered. This is the one stop shop for personal and professional transformation.

Inspiration through Education.

Connection through Networking Events & Memberships.

Engagement through Events, Retreats, Trainings & Masterminds.