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She speaks in front of small, intimate groups, schools, colleges and corporations to inspire people to tap into their greatest potential. She has a natural ability to engage the audience, leave them feeling empowered as a leader and to incorporate fundamental skills needed to thrive in any job, economy, life and situation.

Unlike anything else, her talks not only provide inspiration & empowerment but provide the attendees with a new skill set, tools and resources to be able to step up as a leader in the role they play in the world; whether that is a better manager, parent, friend, colleague or entrepreneur.

Topics that light Melissa up are:

  • How to Bust Through Limiting Beliefs & Master the Mind
  • Finding Internal Motivation No Matter What’s Going On
  • How to Create Successful Joint Ventures & Profitable Partnerships
  • Building Resiliency; Stress Less and Live More
  • How to Generate Cash Flow, Confidence & Certainty
  • How to Rev Up Your Energy SO that You Can Be More Productive, Passionate & Playful
  • How to Take An Idea and Turn It Into Reality

She loves to teach others how to ignite possibility and create cashflow doing what you love.

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